Tooth Extractions for Children Near You

Watching your child lose their first tooth can be very exciting! Baby teeth usually come out on their own; however, in some cases baby teeth may need a little assistance. If teeth are severely decayed, damaged due to trauma, or there is severe crowding preventing permanent teeth from naturally erupting, you may want to consider tooth extractions for your child in Westfield. Although the thought of tooth extractions can be scary, tooth extractions for children near you is a fun, simple, straightforward procedure with our dentist!

tooth-extractions in westfield

What Does Tooth Extractions for Children Involve?

The thought of your child having a tooth extracted may cause anxiety for both you and your child. In nearly all cases, the procedure is straightforward and much simpler than other dental procedures.

Your dentist will start by taking an x-ray to assess the tooth’s condition and surrounding bone.  Local anesthetic is used for a simple extraction. Your dentist will then remove the baby tooth with special instruments including a forcep.  All your child will feel is a “little hug”, most kids don’t even know the tooth has been extracted when we are done!

When Are Tooth Extractions For Children Necessary?

The most common reasons that a child will need to have a tooth extracted include:

  • Tooth decay too extensive for restorations
  • Preparing and making space for orthodontic treatment
  • Baby teeth that fail to fall out on their own
  • Damaged or chipped teeth that are beyond repair

Our dentist will only recommend extraction if there are no other alternatives. Ensure that you ask questions to understand why an extraction is recommended and what the procedure involves for your child.

Follow-Up Care

  • Minor bleeding immediately afterwards is normal.  Your doctor will apply gauze to the affected area.  Make sure to have your child bite down on the gauze for at least 15 minutes.  Supervise to ensure your child doesn’t choke on the gauze!
  • Soft foods for 48 hours
  • Do not brush around the extraction site for 24 hours
  • Tylenol or Ibuprofen for any pain
  • Monitor your child to make sure they do not bite their tongue, cheek, or lip which will cause swelling!  Local anesthetic does not only numb the tooth but also the surrounding soft tissue, lasting ~3 hours
  • A dry socket is a condition that is painful and happens when the clot is removed, exposing the bone to air, foods, and liquids.  This typically occurs only with permanent teeth extractions.  Avoid straws to prevent a dry socket from occurring.