Hall Crown Technique Near You

There are different methods to treat a cavity other than a traditional drill or filling. A less invasive option for treating tooth decay includes the Hall Crown technique. We understand the conventional procedure for treating a cavity may cause anxiety for your child. That’s why we offer the Hall Crown Technique near you!

hall-crown-technique in westfield

Hall Crown Technique

The Hall Crown method does not require your child to be anesthetized and requires no drilling. The Hall Crown Technique places a stainless steel crown over an affected baby molar. When caught early, sealing a cavity off can keep the cavity from growing. Although the Hall Crown technique does not remove the cavity, it can freeze the cavity in time, so it does not increase in size. If the Hall Crown technique is successful, your child can remain symptom-free until the tooth falls out like normal.

When is the Hall Crown Technique Necessary?

If the cavity is too close to the nerve or your child is experiencing cavity symptoms, this technique will most likely be ineffective. This treatment is typically recommended for those who have small to mid-sized cavities. With this technique, it is also essential to note that your child should still practice proper oral hygiene to ensure a successful treatment. That includes keeping the gum tissue and crown free of bacteria, and food debris. This can be done by brushing twice a day and flossing daily ontop of visiting your dentist for a dental cleaning at least twice a year.

If you are interested in learning more about the Hall Crown Technique in Westfield, contact our dental clinic today!