It’s not just about the teeth!

Beautiful white, shiny teeth are important, yes! But it’s also about how they touch, the position they’re coming in the mouth, jaw position, arch development, and so much more! From infants to their teenage years, we are here to help you children on their oral health journey.  

Pacifier and Thumb Sucking Habits

It can be stressful if your young one cannot break the habit of sucking their thumb or getting off the pacifier. Rest assured these habits are completely normal up to a certain age. At Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry we will help encourage your child to break the habit, monitor the impact it is having on their teeth and jaws, and discuss strategies to help them stop!

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Permanent teeth are bigger than baby teeth, therefore crowding is sometimes expected. Visit our dentist to determine when your child needs braces or if they have to have any baby teeth pulled early to create room for their permanent teeth.


Sometimes if a cavity gets too big, a tooth is infected, or trauma occurs, baby teeth need to be extracted early. It’s important to talk to your dentist about whether or not your child needs a spacer afterwards. Spacers help hold the space where there once was a baby tooth, so that the other teeth stay in place and the permanent tooth can erupt into proper position.

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