There are less invasive methods to treat small cavities that may be good for your child.

These include silver diamine fluoride and hall crowns.

Silver Diamine Fluoride Treatment

We understand that sometimes traditional fillings and crowns may not be the best option for your child. Even though we make each appointment fun and comfortable for your child, sometimes they are too young to cooperate, or may have a higher level of anxiety. Silver Diamine is a liquid “medicine” applied to the tooth to stop cavities from getting bigger. It requires 3 applications to be effective and does not eliminate the need for treatment in the future, but is effective in stopping cavities from significantly progressing until your child is ready for treatment!

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Hall Crowns

Hall Crowns are simply placed on the tooth with no drilling, numbing, anything! They provide a tight seal to keep away bacteria, plaque, sugar, all of the ingredients involved in tooth decay. Minimal decay, no symptoms of severe pain, and space between the teeth is necessary for Hall crowns to be an option.

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