Oral Hygiene and Cleanings Near You

By practicing oral hygiene at an early age, your child can develop good habits as they grow older. When your child visits the dentist, they will not only check your child’s teeth development but also educate your child on how to take care of their teeth at home properly. If you’re searching for child dental cleanings near you, schedule an appointment with us! Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry is happy to offer child dental cleanings in Westfield.

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Bringing Your Child in for Dental Cleanings

By the time your child has turned one or has developed their first tooth, you should be bringing your child to the dentist. Afterward, ensure you are scheduling bi-annual cleanings for your child to maintain their oral health. Our dentists will be able to detect and treat any oral health problems in the early stages before they develop or affect the development of your child’s teeth. Our dental office will create a warm, inviting atmosphere, so your child enjoys (and dare we say, looks forward to) visiting the dentist. We will take time to educate your child on the importance of good oral hygiene in the calmest, most fun, and informative way possible.

How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene At-Home

Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry not only provides child dental cleanings near you, but we also provide tips to ensure your child’s at-home oral care is as effective as it can be.

How to Properly Brush

For your one year old, you can gently wipe their teeth and gums with a damp cloth.Slowly transition your child to their first toothbrush by age 2! When you first introduce your child to toothpaste, ensure you are only using a tiny amount, about the size of a grain of rice. You should be helping your child brush until at least age six. Once they start to brush by themselves, be sure to supervise to confirm they are brushing each tooth thoroughly and spitting out all the toothpaste.

To properly and effectively brush, ensure your child is:

  • Brushing in tiny circles near your gum line
  • Slowly brushing each tooth
  • Holding your toothbrush at a 45-degree angle
  • Brushing for no less than two minutes
  • Brushing every surface of your tooth
  • Brushing your tongue and roof of the mouth
  • Thoroughly rinsing and spitting out all the toothpaste

Children need to brush as often as adults do! They should be brushing 2-3 times each day.

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How to Properly Floss

Once your child has two consecutive teeth, you can begin to floss their teeth gently. Ensure you are using flexible, soft floss. If you notice slight bleeding at first, it’s normal and will disappear once your child’s gums get used to it.

To properly floss, ensure your child is:

  • Wrapping the floss around their index fingers with around an inch of floss in between.
  • Moving the floss gently up and down between their teeth – ensure they are moving the floss towards their gum line.
  • Using a clean section of floss each time they move to the next tooth.
  • Flossing their very back molars as well.

Your child should be flossing their teeth once every day. If they have any food in between their teeth, additional flossing may be required.

Looking for Child Dental Cleanings Near You in Westfield?

If you’re searching for child dental cleanings near you in Westfield, look no further than Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry! Our dentists are dedicated to creating a friendly environment to keep your child’s teeth clean and healthy. We are proud to offer quality child dental cleanings in Westfield.