We are happy when your children are cavity free!  If they have cavities, no worries, we will help jump start their hygiene routine to maintain oral health in the future.  Cavities are completely preventable.  We take this role very seriously at Bumble Kids to make sure all preventive techniques are being implemented so that your child has the best chance for lifelong oral health!  Please review the following ways we help out patients maintain a happy, healthy smile!

Oral Health & Diet Coaching

Do you have one tooth, we want to see you!

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that children are seen at the dentist by age one OR when the first tooth erupts.  Early visits are important to educate parents on how to help keep their kids cavity free, get kids used to having someone look in their mouths (desensitization), and of course check for early signs of cavities.

Yes, children as young as 1 can have cavities!  

Baby bottle decay is more common than we would like to see.  It’s important to make sure your children are maintaining a diet that is not only good for their overall health but also their teeth.

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But my child’s teeth look healthy, why do they need x-rays?

Each tooth has five surfaces.  It’s impossible to see every surface with the naked eye when teeth touch close together.  X-rays help us diagnose cavities we cannot see with the naked eye and also allows us to detect how deep a cavity.

Many times if cavities are small, in the outer layer of enamel only, they can be reversed with excellent oral hygiene at home!  Dr. Sukhi may recommend “monitoring” your chid’s cavity if she thinks there’s a chance the cavity can reverse, and simply checking it next time with an x-ray.

Are x-rays safe for my child?

The amount of radiation is measured in millirems (mrem).  Each year, the average person receives about 620 mrem of radiation from all natural and man-made sources combined.  0.1 mrem is the amount of radiation you get from a single digital (bitewing) x-ray.  This is an extremely small amount!

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Custom Mouth Guards

  • Preventing sports related Oro-facial injuries is critical!  Children age 17 years and younger represented 80.6% of the total (sport and non-sport related) dental injuries that presented to the United States Emergency Rooms from 1990-2003.
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Custom Whitening Trays

Why are my child’s adult teeth more yellow than the baby teeth?

Totally normal!  Adult teeth are “more yellow” than baby teeth because of the more translucent enamel that shows the thicker second layer of tooth structure, dentin, which is naturally darker in color.  Once your child has all of their adult teeth, custom whitening trays can be an option for your young teenager!

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