At Bumble Kids, we understand that dental emergencies can occur at inconvenient times. Whether it’s falling off a skateboard or getting hit in the face with a basketball, we are always here to treat a dental emergency.That’s why we offer child and adolescent dental emergency services near you. Knowing what to do when a dental emergency occurs can save your child’s tooth and prevent severe damage to their smile and health. Contact our dental clinic today if your child is facing a pediatric dental emergency in Westfield.

Please contact your Pediatric Dentist if the following Emergencies Occur:

(1) Knocked out permanent tooth.

Rinse the tooth using only water and try to re-implant and hold in place immediately. If re-implanting the tooth is not possible, Keeping the tooth inside a glass of milk, saliva, or water can also help save the tooth. Please contact our office immediately so that we can see your child in a timely fashion.

(2) Severe dental pain with systemic symptoms including high fever, facial swelling, difficulty opening the mouth fully.

Please contact us immediately and we will respond in a timely fashion. To relieve some of the pain at home try the following:

  • Clean the tooth and rinse with warm water
  • Over the counter pain medication (dose according to child’s age and weight)
  • Cold compress or ice to the face

(3) Knocked out baby tooth.

If your child’s baby tooth has been knocked out then it’s time for the tooth fairy!  We do not re-implant baby teeth to prevent any damage to the permanent tooth underneath.  It’s still important to contact your Pediatric Dentist for evaluation and to ensure the surrounding teeth and bone are healthy and avoided injury.

(4) Chipped or cracked primary or permanent tooth.

A chipped or cracked baby or adult tooth can lead to pain and injury to the nerve and health of the tooth if left untreated. If possible, save any broken tooth pieces and bring them with you when you visit your dentist.  Your dentist will also discuss repairing the tooth to proper esthetics so your child’s smile is still as beautiful as ever!