What Is The Hall Crown Technique?

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It should come as no surprise that children aren’t a big fan of getting cavities treated, which is something that weighs on our dentists at Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry heavily. Our dentists are always striving to provide our young patients with the best and most comfortable dental experience possible. After all, our goal is to make them want to smile. This is why we use the hall crown technique in Westfield. Read more to learn about the benefits of this procedure and when it is used.

Defining the Hall Crown Technique

The hall crown technique has been a part of pediatric dentistry in Westfield for decades but is just beginning to grow in popularity. This technique involves our dentist placing a dental crown over a milk molar that has been compromised by a cavity. Unlike the traditional stainless steel dental crown method, the hall crown technique near you does not require your child to be put under anesthesia and involves little to no drilling.

What Makes the Hall Crown Technique Effective?

Since this technique does not involve our dentist removing the cavity, you may be wondering what makes it effective. When caught early on, sealing a cavity off from the rest of the mouth is enough to keep it from spreading. So while the hall crown technique in Noblesville does not remove the cavity, it works to freeze the cavity in place so that it does not get any larger. If the cavity is not very large, and this treatment stops the cavity from growing, a young patient can remain symptom-free until their milk tooth falls out.

Are There Cases Where the Hall Crown Technique is Not Ideal?

If the cavity is very close to the tooth’s nerve, or if the child is already dealing with symptoms from the cavity, then it is less likely that this technique will be effective. The hall crown technique best treats small cavities and relies on the patient to keep the crown and gum tissue clean and free from food debris and bacteria.

What is the Success Rate?

Many studies have shown that the hall crown technique is up to 90% successful, with several studies showing it to be similar to the success rate of the traditional dental crown technique. The success of this technique depends on the amount of tooth decay present and the oral hygiene practices of the patient at home.

Why Do We Prefer the Hall Crown Technique?

As mentioned earlier, our dentists want to do everything possible to make their little patients feel as happy and comfortable as possible during their dental visits. With the hall crown technique, we can treat cavities in a minimally invasive manner, allowing for a quicker procedure and an overall happier patient.

Interested in Learning More About the Hall Crown Technique?

While the hall crown technique is not suitable for every patient, it is an excellent option to have, especially for those little ones who are nervous or fearful about visiting Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry. Since it is important to catch the cavity early on to use this method effectively, regular dental cleanings and checkups are vital!

If it has been more than six months since your child has visited our team at Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry, please contact us and book an appointment for a routine exam today.