What To Do If Tooth Gets Knocked Out?

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Accidents can happen anytime, and one of the most common injuries many people suffer is having a tooth knocked out. Losing a tooth, whether due to a sports injury or a fall, can be distressing and painful. This traumatic event can be frightening, but knowing its cause, consequences, and the necessary steps, like visiting an emergency dentistry near you, can help minimize long-term damage.

This blog post will examine what occurs when a tooth is knocked out and what measures you should take immediately to enhance your chances of preserving the tooth.

What is a Knocked Out Teeth?

A knocked-out or avulsed tooth has been completely dislodged from its socket in the jawbone due to a severe injury or accident. It can occur if the tooth is exposed to significant stress or trauma, causing it to get dislodged from its normal position inside the mouth.

When a tooth is knocked out, treating promptly by our experts at emergency dentistry in Noblesville increases the possibility of saving it and preserving its potential for re-implantation. After an hour, the chance of successfully reattaching a knocked-out tooth decreases considerably.

Causes of Knocked-Out Teeth

Sports Injuries: Participating in contact sports, such as football, hockey, or martial arts, increases the risk of dental injuries, including knocked-out teeth.

Accidents or Falls: Trips, falls, and other incidents can provide a severe blow to the face, dislodging a tooth.

Physical Altercations: Physical altercations or fights can result in strikes to the face, leading to tooth avulsion.

Vehicle Accidents: High-impact incidents, particularly those involving the face or head, can cause serious dental trauma, including knocked-out teeth.

What To Do When a Baby’s Tooth is Knocked Out?

When a baby’s tooth is knocked out, the issue is slightly different than when an adult tooth is involved. Baby teeth, also known as primary teeth, are temporary teeth that permanent teeth will replace.

Here’s what you should do if a baby tooth gets knocked out:

Stay Calm and Act Quickly

When a tooth is knocked out, it’s essential to be cool and act quickly. Saving the tooth requires quick action because the chances of successful re-implantation diminish considerably after an hour. Gather your thoughts and visit pediatric dentistry in Westfield to avoid further complications.

Handle the Tooth Carefully

Pick up the tooth by the crown (the visible part of the tooth) and avoid contacting the root. Handling the tooth by the root may cause damage to the delicate tissues needed for effective reattachment. Do not scrub or clean the tooth; it could remove critical ligaments and cells needed for re-implantation.

Rinse and Reinsert the Tooth, if Possible

You can try to re-insert the tooth into the socket if it is usually clean and there are no apparent fractures. If available, gently rinse any dirt or debris with milk or a saline solution. Hold the tooth by the crown and carefully replace it in the socket, making sure it faces the right direction. Apply mild pressure with a clean cloth or gauze to keep the tooth in place.

Store the Tooth Properly

If you cannot reinsert the tooth, it must be carefully stored to maximize the chances of successful re-implantation. The tooth should be placed in a jar containing milk or the wounded person’s saliva. These compounds contribute to the root cells being alive and wet. Avoid using water or alcohol since they might cause tooth damage.

Seek Emergency Dental Care

After you’ve done the first steps, you should seek immediate dental care. Contact your dentist or an emergency dental facility to obtain immediate assistance. Because time is of the essence, seek expert care within 30 minutes to an hour of the occurrence.

Follow the Dentist’s Recommendations

The dentist will evaluate the issue and determine whether more treatment is necessary. A knocked-out baby tooth does not usually necessitate re-implantation. The dentist will monitor the child’s dental development and health to ensure no issues.

Remember that baby teeth fall off naturally to make place for permanent teeth. While a knocked-out baby tooth might be alarming, it does not usually have the same long-term consequences as losing an adult tooth. However, getting professional help at our pediatric dentistry near you, the child’s dentist, is still necessary to ensure adequate care and avoid potential problems.

Visit Our Pediatric Dentistry Today!

When your child experiences a dental emergency or has a knocked-out tooth, seeking immediate professional care is important. Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry is ideal for bringing your child to such situations. With their specialized expertise in pediatric dentistry, our team understands children’s unique needs and concerns.

Trust our experienced team to provide the best care for your child’s dental emergency needs!