How Long Does it Take for Composite Fillings to Settle it?

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Due to the mild nature of the operation, there is some minimal discomfort and pain, but it eventually goes away. Therefore, upon getting composite fillings near you, it should be accepted that some mild discomfort and toothache are typical. In a week or two, the soreness or pain should go away.

What are fillings, how are they placed, and why can they cause toothaches?

Commonly performed as a simple dental operation, fillings involve removing the tooth’s rotting portion and restoring it with a long-lasting filling. By doing this, the tooth is shielded from infection and additional harm. Because the damaged portion of the tooth is removed and the tooth is now safeguarded, fillings provide long-term relief from toothaches.

To numb the area, a local anesthetic is used during the process. Next, the dentist will use a tiny drill to extract the tooth’s damaged or decaying portion. There is no discomfort because this is done gently. The dentist will then install the filling, which may be made of composite, gold/amalgam, porcelain, etc. You should avoid eating for a few hours, as the anesthesia will cause your mouth to become numb. To allow the filling to set, you must only eat soft foods for the following 24 hours.

Various problems that can develop following tooth fillings

One of the most frequent dental treatments, tooth fillings are generally uneventful. Post-filling discomfort and sensitivity are common. It gets resolved without causing too much pain.
Rarely, there may be some issues with dental fillings. Among those issues are:

  • Tooth sensitivity: this is the most typical issue that goes away independently.
  • Discomfort surrounding the filling: dental discomfort following a filling might have a variety of causes.
  • Allergic reactions: Less than 100 allergic reactions following amalgam fillings have been documented, making them the rarest post-filling issue. If a patient has a metal allergy, they usually recognize it. It is possible to confirm allergies and utilize an alternative material.
  • Filling degradation: Due to wear and tear, dental fillings have a limited lifespan and will deteriorate after a few years. You might require a new filling, or the filling can be restored with a prompt visit to the dentist.

Why do you feel sensitivity and pain after a filling?

Even though the technique is simple, some irritation results in brief, mild discomfort.
Extracting decaying tissue during a filling process might irritate nearby tissues and nerves. It causes sensitivity, which manifests as a reaction to pressure, air, sugary meals, and extreme heat or cold.

Usually, this problem is resolved in a few days or weeks. After fillings, avoiding the causes of toothache will stop the symptoms. It will also be suggested that you use toothpaste that desensitizes. For more than a few weeks, get in touch with your pediatric dentistry near you specialist if the sensitivity persists for your child. You may require root canal treatment.

What can you eat after getting dental fillings?

It would be best if you didn’t have to abstain from food for days in anticipation of pain when getting a dental filling. You can eat two to three hours after your treatment if you have acquired composite fillings in Noblesville. Nonetheless, dentists concur on a few recommendations to support you in eating comfortably shortly after a dental filling process. It includes consuming soft foods like yogurt, oatmeal, and mashed potatoes and trying to chew on the opposite side of where the treatment was done.

Have any other concerns?

Make an appointment for a check-up with our experts at Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry immediately if you are having problems with tooth sensitivity following a filling. Whether it entails replacing the filling or refitting the existing one, we can examine your sensitive tooth and offer a remedy.
Contact our staff today for additional details or to make a consultation reservation to gather more information about pediatric dentistry in Noblesville.