Facts About Your Child’s First Dental Visit

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Many parents are unsure when they should start taking their kids to the dentist. Our dentists recommend parents take their children for their first infant dental visit in Westfield close to when they notice their kid’s first tooth. Children’s teeth begin erupting when they are very young; thus, caring for their oral health should begin simultaneously. Within six to twelve months of a child’s first tooth eruption, they should visit a dental clinic that offers pediatric dentistry near you.

There are many benefits to starting your children’s dental journey early on. They will become familiar with dental visits, be comfortable with a dentist and begin practicing a good oral hygiene routine from a young age.

During your first few visits to the dentist with your infant, the dentist will be able to explain some common dental issues in toddlers. Some of the information a dentist can provide includes:

  • Explaining issues such as baby bottle tooth decay.
  • Informing the parent on infant feeding practices, finger sucking and pacifier habits.
  • Teach parents how to properly clean their infant’s mouth and teeth carefully.

Before the Appointment with Your Child

Before you bring your child to their first dental visit, you should know a few things and recommendations that are good to keep in mind.

If possible, book a visit during the morning when the child will be active. Depending on the age of the child visiting for a scheduled appointment, let them know what the visit may look like and prepare them by giving them an idea of what they should expect. Parents may also help their kids prepare by explaining the importance of visiting the dentist and building excitement for this experience.

Parents may also have some questions about their kid’s appointments. Before your visit, discuss any questions you may have with the dentists to ensure you come prepared and with no concerns. Our staff at Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry in Westfield is available to answer any questions and ensure your child’s visit is as smooth as possible. Be honest with the dentist about what you are looking to achieve for your child and let them know if you have any dental anxiety that may impact the visit. It is always important to ensure parents are comfortable during an appointment, so no anxiety is transferred to the children.

During Your Child’s Visit

On the day of your appointment, provide your child’s dentist with some medical and personal information about your child to help them ensure an easy appointment and overall visit. Their first visit will involve questions from your dentist to help them begin your child’s dental file. They may also need information on how your child tends to behave to help them accommodate and create a comfortable environment.

Once the dentist begins working, it’s important to be encouraging and supportive of your child to help positively reinforce the dentist for future visits. Children’s behaviours tend to depend on their age, but having a present for the first few visits goes a long way.

The main goal of a dentist during a first visit is to ensure they become comfortable with their dentist and understand the importance of promoting good oral health. Children should begin understanding the importance of regular cleanings and checkups early on, so they begin to promote good oral hygiene and overall treatment of their smiles with care. The dentist will take care of their teeth as their mature, starting from their first tooth. With every appointment, their dentist will be able to ensure their oral health is in good standing and there are no dental issues to be found.

After Their First Visit

Once your children’s first dental visit is over, ensure you take care of their baby teeth and gums by cleaning them regularly and gently. If they do not have a full mouth of teeth, clean their gums with a damp cloth. To clean their teeth, use a soft-bristled brush and very small toothpaste. Once the child is old enough to spit out their toothpaste, you may transition to using fluoridated toothpaste.

Are you unsure about which dental office to visit for pediatric dentistry near you? Bumble Kids Pediatric Dentistry offers outstanding services to care for your child’s oral health. Contact us today to book an appointment or for any questions you may have!