Dental Sealants: Can It Benefit Your Smile?

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Dental sealants are a quick, simple, and efficient preventative dental treatment. Deep pits and grooves in the molars are shielded by plastic covers, which serve as a barrier between your teeth and cavity-causing germs. Although they can be used on any teeth in danger, they are most frequently used on the back of molars. Sealants can also endure for years because they were developed to withstand chewing, brushing, and eating.

Dental sealants are a great way to prevent decay in teeth’s weak spots. Dental sealants are distinct from dental fillings but share many similarities. Sealants are applied over healthy dental surfaces where there is no decay, whereas fillings are used after the decayed area of the tooth has been removed through drilling.

Dental sealants can safeguard your enamel and keep your mouth healthy by covering the fissures and grooves in your teeth. Dental sealants do not affect the looks of your face because they blend in with the color of your natural teeth and are difficult to see once applied, giving your teeth a smoother, cleaner appearance.

When are Dental Sealants Used? 

Your dentist may recommend you consider dental sealants near you in the following cases

  • When the first molars erupt in younger children 
  • Teeth with deep grooves and pits that are difficult to clean with a brush 
  • Patients who do not brush and floss their teeth regularly 
  • Patients who are prone to cavities
  • To prevent future cavities in cavity-prone patients
  • Patients who have dry mouths who are vulnerable to cavities

The Process

Dental sealants are applied quickly, easily, and without any discomfort. It does not require any drilling, anesthesia, or injections.

Cleaning and drying your teeth is the first step in the procedure. The sealants will be applied last so they can dry properly if any other treatment is necessary. A gel formulation is applied to the tooth cavities after your teeth have dried. It makes it easier for the sealant to adhere to the teeth. The sealant mixture is applied and allowed to dry using a light source. Once cured, the bonds are semi-permanent and typically last between five and ten years.

Benefits of Dental Sealants

You can benefit from sealants in various ways and keep your oral health at any age. Sealants, particularly for kids, can be used as a preventive step to help you save time and money on dental care in the future.

Some of the primary advantages of dental sealants include the following: 

  • It helps to prevent the development of cavities 
  • Reduces deep grooves
  • Quick and painless treatment procedure
  • Long-lasting 
  • It gives the natural-looking appearance

Dental sealants can significantly lower the risk of developing tooth cavities if applied to your children’s molars as they erupt and then reapplied as their teeth grow and form. It provides a coating that protects teeth’s enamel even when exposed to corrosive acid and sugars. Additionally, they will prevent dangerous bacteria from adhering to the ridges in the teeth. An overall cleaner, healthier mouth is an advantage of sealants.

To learn more about how dental sealants in Noblesville can benefit your dental health, consult our experts and examine your oral health to determine if you are a suitable candidate for the procedure. 

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